Tokyo Celebrates Earth Day with Elaborate Festival

To many, Earth Day is just another meaningless day. However, this holiday is widely celebrated across the world. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Spain, South Africa, Tokyo and the UK hold annual festivals for this celebration. In the United States, several states are known to host such festivities as well—these states include New York, California, Texas and Ohio.

Photo: Earth Garden Japan

Earth Day began over 40 years ago to spread awareness about environmental protection. Thus, events are usually held worldwide to raise a voice and awaken people’s consciousness about environmental concerns.


However, where these festivals usually last one day, Japan extends its festivities every year to a two-day festival in the city of Tokyo. This year, the event will take place at Yoyogi Park.

Photo: Japan Talk

This year, the festival held in Tokyo will shed light on a variety of environmental nonprofit organizations and charities that strive toward protecting the environment. Additionally, many eco-friendly businesses will have their items available for purchase. Numerous performances are also hosted throughout the event by artists who are “Earth Conscious.”​

Photo: Japan Talk

This event has been a tradition since 2001, and every year it attracts more and more people. The 2018 Earth Day Tokyo Festival is predicted to attract over 100,000 visitors.​

Photo: Japan Talk

Free to attend, the Earth Day Festival is a place where people can enjoy their time as they munch on vegetarian food, listen to live music and shop around. Although listening to the speeches isn’t mandatory, all the activities this event has to offer are ways that visitors can learn more about how to spread awareness about conservation.​