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Tips to Post Grad Job Searching

Welcome back collegiettes™! 

Some of us are continuing our education this semester, but others are happily welcoming our last semester of college. Now is the time for getting settled into our classes, working, and trying to keep up with somewhat of a social life. However, as a senior you cannot forget to begin the tedious yet exciting task of job searching.

I began my post grad career search back in October and I am still on the search. I figure starting sooner rather than later will help in the long run. I am learning a lot as I adventure out on this search and wanted to share some tips that I have learned which may help other soon to be graduates.

Before you begin submitting resumes, I suggest editing and having someone review your resume. Edit out all of those high school/college serving and retail jobs and replace your experience with your internship and organizations you were involved in while in college. Make sure it is in tip top shape before sending it out.  

I also suggest signing up to job boards. Try Monster, Careerbuilder, Ziprecruiter, and my favorite Indeed.  Not only will you be able to search for the jobs you are interested in, but you can post your resume on the website for recruiters to contact you. Another website I have found helpful is LinkedIn. Aside from having your professional portfolio and connections on LinkedIn, you can also search jobs related to your job field.

Job searching can be a gruesome task, but do not give up, collegiettes™. One thing I keep telling myself is that not matter how many jobs I apply to or how many interviews I attend, the job that is meant for me will eventually come my way.  

Good Luck!

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