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Tips for Scoring an Internship in PR and Advertising

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Spring has arrived, and the hot summer air is right around the corner. The semester only has three months left, and the main headache of college students is the anxiety and frustration over obtaining an internship.

As college students, we can feel the weight of our professors and families pressuring us to look for an internship for the summer that is actually worth our while. At the end of the day, we all understand the importance of gaining experience during our years at school. 

Nevertheless, the pressure of scoring a paid and fun internship is very stressful.

So here I am, a PR & Advertising student with a minor in creative writing and a passion for art, to give you some tips on how to score internships in this field!


This is the most stressful part, believe me, I have been there. Websites such as Indeed, Handshake and LinkedIn are places that our advisors and professors push down our throats. And we, naively, think that they are gold mines! But…hello, my beautiful communication majors, our market is saturated and these websites are not as effective as we may think! 

Tip 1: Be on the lookout for university forums and your department’s website. Professors and administrators are always posting and promoting local internships that are easier to score! I got the chance at two different interviews and got hired in a paid internship during the spring semester thanks to these! 

Tip 2: Take the initiative and reach out! Hey, at the end of the day we are part of the communication work field. Shyness is left at home locked in a box! Reach out to agencies and companies that seem interesting to you. Offer them a nice cover letter with a link to your portfolio. Companies and brands, even if they are not actively looking in the market for interns, are unlikely to turn down labor. They will also be impressed by your confidence and initiative! 

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Stalk. The. Company. You. Are. Interviewing. With! 

It is so important you become an expert regarding the work and operations the company you will interview with offers. Know the kind of work they do, what they are known for and what they are hated for. Also, look for their company portfolio and client list! 

Interviews go both ways. They will get to know you and see if you are a good fit for them, and you get to know them and see if the company is what you’re looking for! 


First impressions matter. It’s always good to be a little overdressed than underdressed! 

Bring a printed copy of your resume. Interviewers have so many applicants and they like to write stuff down, so let them doodle on a copy of your resume. This will help them to remember what was talked about.

Show and tell. Always bring samples of your work! Relevant school projects, personal designs, etc. Showing your work and explaining your creative process works wonders and is sure to leave your interviewer impressed.

Hi, I am Fabs! I am a writer for Her Campus at the University of South Florida. I am a PR and Advertising major with a minor in Creative Writing. Things you should know about me are: I am a Taurus, I love reading young adult and poetry books, I have an art business, and my native language is Spanish!