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Tiffany Woods: Meet A USF Her Campus Member

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

A talented individual with a passion for writing and a love for animals, Tiffany Woods brings excitement into her fall semester at the University of South Florida. Tiffany is a senior from Tampa, FL and is majoring in English, with a minor in technical writing. In addition to that, she has already received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. With her friendly, inspiring and outgoing personality, Tiffany is someone that people at USF should get to know. Tiffany’s personality comes out with her friends, family and success with school. This is her second year being involved with Her Campus, and she is excited for the new year in the organization. Currently working as a customer service associate at Home Depot, Tiffany has an interest in painting, photography and drawing. She would like to own her own art studio where she can create a collection of artwork to put on display for art shows, in accomplishments of becoming a well-known local artist. Her love for animals has made Tiffany become a pescatarian, and has even influenced some of her family and friends to join her.

With the influence of her father, Tiffany has always wanted to attend USF for as long as she could remember. Driving past the campus with her father, she knew that USF would be the best college for her to go. Attending USF has kept Tiffany close to home, allowing her to continue to spend time with her friends and family. Tiffany wants to take the diversity, friendships and activities that she has experienced at USF with her as she heads toward graduation in the Spring. With the time left she has at USF, Tiffany would also like to join as many extracurricular activities, groups and functions as possible. She cannot wait to attend Bull’s football games when they begin. Tiffany has some great career ideas for the future, which include being a certified English teacher, teaching abroad, editing for a magazine or a grant writer for a non-profit organization. As enthusiastic and engaging as Tiffany is, becoming a teacher should be something that will come naturally for her.

Now living in Dade City, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her friends, going to movies, shopping and hitting the beach in her spare time. Over the summer, she adopted a kitten and vacationed in the Bahamas with her friends. She enjoyed time at the beach and read several novels as well. Tiffany has also visited the Wizardly World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios while spending a weekend in Orlando. When she’s not involved with school she attends church and spends as much time possible with friends and family. With her goals set on her mind, and her eyes on the prize, Tiffany will be doing all the things she aspires to do in no time.

Ashley is a Chapter Advisor and currently living in Brooklyn, New York.