Throwing A Hollywood Themed Party On A Budget

Film buff's across the country wait all year for this one particular event: The Oscars! A night sure to bring us fashion mishaps, hilarious skits and, of course, inspiring speeches that drag on.

As a lifelong movie buff, I have always wanted to throw a swanky Oscar party. However, as a broke college student, I also have to take into account how expensive parties can get. Here are some ways to celebrate your love of Hollywood without breaking the bank!


Coming up with fun movie games is easy if you own a laptop and some notecards. All you need to do is look up some fun movie trivia and come up with some questions to write on the notecards. Divide your friends off into teams and ask your friends the questions from the notecards.  All you need now is someone to keep score! And if you really want to kick it up a notch you can easily use Power Point to create a Jeopardy board. Here is where you can find the easy steps to create the board:



Pinterest is your best friend! Pinterest has fun and easy DIY decorations such as Tissue Paper Tassel Garlands. These only require tissue paper, string, and hot glue guns!

Also if you have real limited materials you can make cute paper bag stars with just some glue, paper bags, and scissors. 

You can even create your own photo booth frame with a poster board and scissors. Just some glitter and you are done! The photo booth frame is a great way to not only have a cool decoration but also a fun way to get friends to take pictures and make memories.   

Another fun idea is to print out pictures of celebrities and frame their pictures with some construction paper and hang them up around your apartment.

A great way to give your party the illusion of class to make napkin bowties! This technique is incredibly simple and is an easy way to seem fancy without really trying!  

Splitting the Cost

Sometimes the best way to save some extra cash is by getting your friend to help host your party.  You may not be the most creative when it comes to decorations, but you know where to buy the best food. Your creative friend may be able to make some bomb decorations. Besides who doesn’t want to throw a great party? Two heads are better than one, and together you can come up with way better ideas than you ever would on your own. Co-hosting will make party planning way more fun and whole lot less stressful.


The Food

Your party is nothing without food! For an Oscars party, popcorn and candy is a must! Dollar Tree sells movie theater candy for a dollar a box. Cheap variety candy packs are also available at Party City and Target. Party suggests an easy way to take your popcorn to the next level is with a popcorn topping bar! Provide your guests with toppings such as melted caramel, Oreo crumbles, sprinkles, and M&M’s. 

Following these simple and affordable tactics will undoubtedly make your party an unforgettable time.