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Throwback Thursday: “Saved by the Bell” Where Are They Now?

21 years after “Saved By The Bell” stole the hearts of teenagers across America, let’s see where Kelly, Zack, Slater, Lisa, Screech, and Jessie are today.

Tiffani Thiessen, also known as Kelly Kapowski popular cheerleader, starred as Valerie Malone on “Beverly Hills 90210” following “Saved By The Bell”. Currently Thiessen plays the role of Elizabeth Burke on “White Collar”. Unfortunately Kelly and Zack did not get married. Tiffany is married Brady Smith and mother to their daughter.

America’s heart throb, Zack Morris/Mark-Paul Gosselaar, can now be found on TNT’s “Franklin & Bash”, playing the role of attorney Peter Bash. Gosselaar is father to two young boys and is happily married to advertising executive Catriona McGinn.

Hotty “A.C” Slater, Mario Lopez, currently hosts “Extra”. Sorry ladies, Mario is engaged to longtime girlfriend Courtney Mazza. Mario and Courtney have a daughter together.


Lark Voorhies, better known as the gossip queen and fashionable Lisa Turtle, took a step back from television and has only starred in the 2001 film, “How High”. Lark married Andy Prince back in 2007 and they have one child together.

Dustin Diamond, the nerdy but adorable Samuel “Screech” Powers, wrote a book titled “Behind the Bell” a tell-all book about his costars. Diamond took a slightly different approach to fame by releasing his own sex tape called, “Screeched- Saved By The Smell”.

The intelligent good girl Jessie Spano, Elizabeth Berkley, surprisingly played the role of a stripper in the 2012 film “Showgirls”. Berkley married Ralph Lauren’s nephew, Greg Lauren and also owns her own non-profit agency, Ask Elizabeth, which supports young girls.

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