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Students for Justice in Palestine Petition

There are so many student organizations on our campus making an impact about important issues. This month, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) created one of the largest petition ever at any Florida university.

Their petition called for a divestment from companies complicit in human rights violations. Their petition also asked for a review of ethical investments from the university’s $391 million endowment. One-fourth of the university signed and supported their petition.

“We were able to demonstrate that a significant portion of our community calls for the USF Foundation to invest ethically,” Malak Fakhoury, SJP vice president said.

The Students for Justice in Palestine collected over 10,000 student signatures for the cause. Many USF students and several other organizations backed their petition. Students for Justice in Palestine aspires to make change actually happen with their petition.


“It is our hope that they will see the nobility of the movement, and take appropriate actions to terminate financial affiliation with corporations responsible for actions contradictory to the institution they represent,” Fakhoury said.

Learn more about the Students for Justice in Palestine on their Facebook page here. Use their hashtag #USF4HumanRights on Twitter for other information.

The University of South Florida has over 600 student organizations. Each organization has a powerful mission and goal to achieve. You can learn more about campus student organizations here.

Just as SJP strives to reach their goals, here at Her Campus we have goals of our own. We would love to increase our readership by covering a wider variety of content on our website. We plan to broaden our coverage of campus organizations, activities and events in the fall semester. As this semester comes to a close, we hope to see you soon, collegiettes™.

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Photo Credits: SJP Facebook

Jasmin Lankford is a junior at the University of South Florida majoring in mass communications with a minor in creative writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus USF. Jasmin is also the Communications committee chair of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Student Leadership Society and the Media Coordinator of The Poets at USF. She loves to write about literature, fashion, art, student life and pop culture. She aspires to publish a bestselling book, write and edit for a newspaper or magazine, travel the world, and more. Read her blog here!
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