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Spirit Saturday: The Story of Rocky

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Hello collegiettes™!

We all know that Rocky the Bull is the cutest and most awesome mascot ever. But do you know the story behind Rocky and how he came to be the beloved mascot that he is today?  

1961 was the first year the issue of choosing a mascot for our university was brought up. The following year, a contest was created to choose the mascot’s name. Five options made it to the final, including the one that would eventually become our bull: the Golden Brahman. However, at that time the bull wasn’t chosen.

The Buccaneer was the name that received the most votes in the contest, but it got disqualified because it was believed that a college in Pensacola already had the Buccaneer as a mascot. After some controversy, the mascot of the Pensacola college was discovered to actually the Pirate. So, the Golden Brahman was eventually chosen and made the official mascot on November 17, 1962.  

Around 1982, the name of the mascot was changed from the Golden Brahman to the Bulls we know today. The design for Rocky was first crafted in 1965 as a cartoon for the Athletics newsletters and then as a toy for the bookstore. After some re-designs, the Rocky that we all know and love today was presented in 2003.  

Today, Rocky embodies the USF spirit and represents our school at sporting events and beyond. Last year, Rocky was the champion of Capital One’s Mascot Challenge, bringing home a check of $20,000 for the mascot program and showing the true USF bull spirit to the whole country. Rocky is so important to our school. Be sure to get your picture with him, collegiettes™!

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