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Spirit Saturday: Other Ways to Show School Spirit

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Hello collegiettes™!

Fall semester is in full swing and so are the sporting events! When we think about “school spirit” sporting events are what usually comes to mind. But school spirit means more than just cheering on events and buying the USF Our Shirt. Here’s what I think it means to have school spirit:

1) Attending sporting events. Even though rooting for the Bulls at a sporting event isn’t the only way to show school spirit, it sure is one way! On game days we have the chance to get together with other students and cheer our fellow Bulls to victory. Even if you’re not that into sports and watching long football games like me, just remember that every victory a USF team brings home is also your victory! 

2) Wearing more than just the colors, wearing the motto. Wearing our school’s colors is the most obvious way to show school spirit, but if we truly want to embrace our school, we should do more than just that. Did you know USF has a motto? “Truth and Wisdom” is our school’s motto which is written on USF’s seal, and I think it’s a pretty awesome motto to live by.

Although making friends and participating on cool extra-curricular activities is a part of being a college student, we ultimately come to a university to get an education – to acquire truth and wisdom! These two simple words should really get us thinking about what is it that we are pursuing as college students, and to encourage us to actually go for it.

3) Being thankful and proud of the school you’re at right now. Being a transfer student makes it a little harder for me to fully feel like I’m a Bull. I went to small college where the sense of family and community was huge, since being so small we all knew each other. At USF, on the other hand, I see new faces walking around campus literally every day! But because I will only have studied at USF for two years when I graduate, I will have missed out on a lot of the traditions and typical things that 4-year Bulls go through.

That doesn’t mean I can’t embrace the school I am right now though. Despite my college loyalty being divided, USF is where I am right now, and that’s enough for me to feel proud of my school! I did get accepted here as a transfer, and so I do belong as a Bull, no matter how much I’ve missed on that experience. Regardless of where you’ve studied before or plan to study next, right now you are at USF, so be proud of that! Embrace the colors, cheer at the games, live by the motto and you will truly be able to experience and express school spirit.

Long live the gold and green!

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