Russia, Recounts and Realizations

You thought the election was over, didn't you? Well as you may have heard, this one is dying hard.


Jill Stein had appealed for a recount in Michigan and key states that possibly might have swung the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. There was a lot of hope, however, she was denied by an Obama-backed judge on Dec. 9. She is currently calling for the abolition of the Electoral College and continuing her fight.


Meanwhile, The Washington Post dropped the news, that same day, that the CIA has concluded a general consensus that Russia tried to affect the election results. NBC News and The New York Times has confirmed this story as well. Obama is demanding a full investigation and report before he leaves office.


If false, this could escalate tensions with Moscow to a bad level. If true, well, a recount might be needed and Jill Stein won't need to try for other states.