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Quick Microwave Mug Meals for Midterm Week

With midterms coming up, it can be quite hard to balance studying and working while also eating proper meals. Meals become time consuming to prepare, but mug meals are perfect as they are quick and inexpensive.

Breakfast: Egg Omelet

Breakfast is easily the most skipped meal of the day even though it’s the most important. It’s best to start the day with a nutritious and healthy meal, and an omelet is just what you’re looking for. Grab your best microwavable mug and crack an egg in it. Whisk the egg with a fork for a few minutes and mix in a few of your favorite veggies and a bit of cheese. Sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper and microwave for two to three minutes while you continue getting ready for classes.

Lunch: Pizza 

Making homemade pizza is a long and tedious process, but eating out gets expensive and inconvenient for college students on a budget. Pizza in a mug, however, is quick, easy and inexpensive. Mix the dry ingredients in a microwavable safe mug and then add the wet ingredients and mix some more. Top the dough with marinara sauce and cheese. Add your favorite toppings and microwave for one to two minutes until the toppings are bubbling.

Dinner: Mac and Cheese 

Instant Mac n’ Cheese does not taste too great and cooking it yourself is time consuming. Mac n’ Cheese in a mug tastes much better and just as easy. Place macaroni and water in a microwave safe mug. Microwave it for three to four minutes until the pasta if cooked. Get rid of the remaining of the water from the mug and add milk, cornstarch and cheese. Mix and microwave for another minute. Stir, add salt and enjoy!

Dessert: Chocolate Cake

With the stress that comes with midterms, it feels nice to eat a warm dessert at the end of the day. To make a mug chocolate cake, add flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt in the mug. Mix together with a fork and add the wet ingredients until a smooth batter is formed. Add chocolate chips and microwave on high for two to three minutes. Cool and eat with your choice of ice cream.

Hadil is a rising senior at the University of South Florida. She is studying Integrative Animal Biology in hopes of pursuing a dental career in the future. Hadil's hobbies include sketching and digital drawing. In her free time, she enjoys watching conspiracy theory videos and listening to music of all languages. 
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