Playtime Is Over, Now What?

Spring break is the one week all students look forward to in the spring semester. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy going on adventures with your friends and not worrying about school? Then, you blink, and that sweet break is over and it’s back to reality and responsibilities. I always find it takes me a few days to get back into the groove of my schedule.

However, this semester, due to the spread of COVID-19, USF is taking extra precaution, and the campus will be closed for the rest of the semester. Our classes will be online and for some that is a great thing and for others, maybe not so much.

desk organizationI personally prefer to be in a classroom because I feel that is an environment where I can focus and thrive academically. The thought keeps circling in my head: sitting through lectures in my bedroom might distract me. What if watching videos doesn’t teach me? How can I get extra help without attending face-to-face office hours? Transitioning from spring break to classes is hard enough without the number of uncertainties given with current events.

empty lecture hallHere is the main piece of advice I can give: we are all in this together and if you diligently work hard and try your best, that is enough. It will be interesting to see the responses and opinions students have after these all online courses are finished.

The most influential things one can do are openly communicate with professors and classmates, keep track of all assignments and watch for updates from news channels and the campus itself. To prepare and get ahead, I wrote upcoming assignments in my planner and took notes from all the emails given by teachers explaining how the course will continue over the next two weeks.

you got thisEnjoy your break while it lasts! Get your mind back to the grind and you got this!