Planning a Day in Hyde Park Village

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday and the first things you think of are brunch and Instagram? Because literally, same. The weekend is honestly the only time to relax and step away from your homework for a little bit without feeling guilty. One of my favorite places to get away from the stress of school and studying is Hyde Park Village, which is a convenient 20-minute drive from the University of South Florida. Not only does this place fulfill my Instagram and aesthetic dreams, but also fills my stomach and feeds my shopping obsession. After visiting Hyde Park Village multiple times, I’ve compiled a list of the top things to do to truly take advantage of what the area has to offer.

  1. 1. Grab a bite to eat.

    Of course, my list has to start with the best places to drink and grab a bite to eat. Since we are college students on a budget, eating at the fanciest restaurant might be out of the picture; however, we can still treat ourselves without splurging. My favorite place to eat is Goody Goody, which is actually one of the oldest restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, having opened in 1925. The food is amazing and does not hurt your wallet! Goody Goody serves all types of diner food, ranging from waffles to burgers and fries, and it has such a friendly atmosphere.

  2. 2. Get your coffee fix.

    To get that much-needed coffee fix, I recommend Buddy Brew Coffee. I prefer coffeeshops like these over Starbucks! It is a nice spot to just relax and escape the Florida heat with your iced coffee!

  3. 3. Go shopping.

    With a coffee in hand, you should have plenty of energy to go and shop at the array of boutiques in the area. I have a bohemian, floral and girly style, so I always stop in at Anthropologie and Francesca’s. Both stores are extremely similar with their style of products sold. At each store, you can find cute, colorful clothes, hair accessories (give me all the scrunchies!), office supplies and planners. The only major difference is that Anthropologie sells furniture, so it would be a good place to stop by if you are decorating your apartment. Francesca’s is less expensive, so that is where I get a majority of my retail therapy done!

  4. 4. Take pictures for the gram!

    Did you really do anything if you don’t have a picture to document it? Hyde Park Village is where I take a lot of my pictures because they have beautiful landscaping and colored walls. On the side of the buildings, there are some funky designs that can match anyone’s feed! One spot I always go to is the pink brick wall by Sprinkles. I love taking pictures so much more when I have my friends around, and it really does help create bonds and awesome memories.

Hyde Park Village has something for everyone and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or a whole day!