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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

This is a new chapter in your college story. One week you were in your normal routine, walking from one class to another at the same time every day, going to Starbucks to get your afternoon pick me up, and ending the night studying in the library. Now you are sitting on your computer in your room drinking your homemade coffee, wondering how the day goes by so fast when you have so much work to do.

Well my friend, here is your pep talk to get you through the rest of the semester.

When the transition to remote classes started, we were already about halfway through the semester. Looking at the calendar, we only have about a month left — depending on when you are reading this.

We are closer to the end than the beginning.

So, stay motivated. Write your weekly and daily to-do lists. Get your work done, take breaks, eat a snack and when it is time to end for the day, log out of your work and school accounts, eat your healthy dinner, go for a walk, binge watch a Netflix show and don’t think about school till the next day.

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with it all.

One day you will look back on this time in your life and think about all the challenges you overcame, all the uncertainties you dealt with, and all your accomplishments. You will be able to talk about this time in your job interviews and tell stories to your future children. This is not a forever situation. It will pass. You will move on, you will overcome.

You. Got. This.

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Hey! My name is Leticia and I am the Campus Correspondents here at USF. I am graduating in MAY (omg) with a degree in Advertising and PR. I am originally from Brazil, needless to say, I LOVE the beach and being outside! I enjoy everything from make-up to fitness and sports. In my free time you can find me thrifting, playing photographer, or at home with my hubby binging Netflix.