Music Monday: Young Liars

Are you looking for some new music, collegiettes™? Well if you love indie, we've got a great suggestion for you. 

Young Liars is a Canadian indie rock band originating from Vancouver, British Columbia. Consisting mostly of sounds that are alternative rock with a touch of indie, this group of men (who are quite the eye candy if I may add) will entice you right away.

Despite having expectations about the sounds a band will produce, it is always refreshing when they surprise you with a little dynamic in their serenades. Young Liars is a prime example of that. Underneath the indie rock, you can hear a little synthpop working its way into the wonderful noises blasting from your speakers and headphones.

Among their debut album and two extended plays, it’s hard to choose a favorite from their track listings, but here are a few suggestions to get you started with your soon-to-be obsession with these musicians.

1. Runaway

From their debut album “Tidal Wave,” the first few seconds of this album will have you thinking you’re in for one of those serious and dramatic songs. Give it a few seconds though and light hint of bass and the drums start kicking in. Top it off with the soothing voice of Jordan Raine and you’ve got yourself a soft jam to sing along to. This one’s for the days where you want to sing along to something, but your neck isn’t quite up for the whiplash of whipping that hair back and forth.

2. Colours

This song is from their first extended play “Homesick Future” and is upbeat from the start with a synthpop intro. It's what I like to call the perfect song for a bright, sunny, day with the wind blowing in your hair. So cliché, I know, but let’s face it: we all have songs for those types of situations. This track will have you tapping your feet on the ground the whole way through.

3. Young Again

Is there a single band that doesn’t have a song that’s an anthem to love? You’ll be hard-pressed to find one. "Young Again" is the kind of song that makes you reminisce about that one summer night or the one that got away. It almost takes you a little too far back, having very similar sounds to the songs from alternative rock sounds from the 80s and 90s. You can count on Young Liars to keep it dynamic that way.

So, are you looking for a new playlist or a new song to download? Young Liars should surely be on your list of new additions.

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