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Music Monday: Labor Day Edition

It’s Labor Day collegiettes™ and that means pool parties, cook outs, and beach days! None of these would be complete without some amazing music. Whether you’re headed out on a mini road trip, or blasting some tunes with your friends at the pool, be sure to add these songs to your playlist.


1. Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Manaj

This song is so much fun. It’s not particularly serious, but it has an great beat and some great vocals too! It’s a good one for singing along to with your friends in the car with the windows down.


2. Fancy – Iggy Azalea

So it’s been a couple of months since this song came out and they played it out on the radio, but it’s another one of those songs that’s fun to sing and be really silly with. Besides, who doesn’t love the way the video is basically Clueless?


3. Rude – MAGIC!

As strange as this song is (who makes such an upbeat song about such a depressing topic?), it’s got a great summer feel and beach day sound. It has that reggae ryhthm and there’s something about reggae that just screams beach day!


4. Latch – Disclosure Ft. Sam Smith

This song has been an obsession since it first came out! The music is great, I’m in love with Sam Smith’s voice, the video is amazing because it shows a pretty diverse range of “couples.” Pretty much a must have for any and all fun playlists. 


5. Summer – Calvin Harris

It’s summer and this song is catchy. It almost feels wrong to leave it out. We won’t tell anyone that you’re thinking about that cute boy from last semester when you’re singing it with you friends.


Hopefully this list has helped you plan your very own Labor Day playlists! Have a fun, safe Labor Day collegiettes™!


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