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Hi all!

Midterm season is quickly approaching (or already here for some) so here are some of my tips to make this testing time successful.

Do not procrastinate studying

If your major requires a lot of reading or is more of a lecture content based class, take notes consistently within class and review them daily. It doesn’t have to be an obnoxious amount of time spent, just ten to fifteen minutes daily highlighting or going through the material in order to make sure you understand. This has absolutely saved me during midterms so that I don’t overwhelm myself with last minute cramming; if anything is going to be last minute this tip should lighten your load.

Make a system to reiterate information for yourself

A lot of people use things like flashcards or rewriting their notes for recall. I like to go through my handwritten notes, highlight, and write between the margins any little notes or extensions for myself. It helps with retaining information and allows you to train your brain to comprehend concepts.

Time to take care of yourself is so valuable

This is an incredibly stressful time of the semester for everyone, so grab a few of your friends after studying and have a boba run or go out shopping. A rant session about your classes is always helpful too. The littlest things make the biggest difference, and prioritizing your mental health is never something to be diminished. Even while studying, the Podomoro timer helps by giving yourself miniature breaks to relax just a bit. The Podomoro method essentially has you working on a task for an allotted period of time of your choosing, and then taking a break subsequently in between for whatever you desire. It helps motivate you to study more, without overwhelming your mind with constant information.

Best of luck, loves!! You’re all going to do amazing this midterm season!


Hi ! My name is Jess and I'm a second year at USF Tampa studying criminology with a minor in intelligence studies. I love iced chais, anything crystal related, and writing advice articles!