Melissa Ortiz

Meet Melissa Ortiz, a 21-year-old French and Anthropology major.  Melissa is a senior and is originally from Brick, New Jersey. Read on to find out more about the USF Lady Bull who is passionate about diverse cultures!


Her Campus: Why did you choose your major?
Melissa Ortiz: "I have been studying French for eight years and I love everything about the French language and Francophone cultures. As for Anthropology, I am very passionate about learning about cultures and figuring out how I can help. Anthropology teaches  me about the complexity of cultures in our world and how I can help better some the conflicts these groups of people might have."
HC: What is your relationship status?
MO: "Single." 
HC: What organizations are you involved in on campus? "
MO: Green and Gold Guides (Campus Tour guides)." 
HC: Who inspires you?
MO: "My mom." 
HC: What is your favorite quote?
MO: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
HC: What is your favorite type of music?
MO: "Reggae." 
HC: What is your favorite TV show?
MO: "That 70’s show."
HC: What is your dream job?
MO: "A job that allows me to make a difference in people’s lives, even if that means being a yoga instructor that travels the world, because that would be amazing!" 
HC: What’s the first thing people tend to notice about you?
MO: "My hair." 
HC:What is your Zodiac sign and does it fit you?
MO: "I’m not a huge believer in Zodiac signs but I am a Leo and the characteristics are very similar to my personality, such as being energetic and optimistic." 
HC: If you can could have one type of food, one piece of literature and one piece of music on a desert island what would they be?
MO: "Tostitos lime and salsa, The Bible and definitely one of the NOW CD’s since it has a mix of everything." 
HC: Who would play you in the movie of your life?
MO: "Kristen Wig because can take on many roles and I like that she can be dramatic but in a funny way. She would be perfect to play me in the movie of my life." 
HC: Who is your celebrity crush?
MO: Zac Efron.
HC: What is your favorite sport>
MO: Basketball.
HC: What is your favorite wonder of the world?
MO: "I’ve only seen one wonder which was Rome’s Colosseum and it is shocking that a structure like that still stands to this day. I would really like to see Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue."