#MeetUS(F): Molly Urnek

Photo courtesy Rachel Smith

Name: Molly Urnek

Age: 20

Major: I am studying mass communications with a concentration in magazine!

Hometown: Boston, MA → Orange Park, FL

Dream job: I hope to be the Managing Editor of a magazine or start my own social media marketing company. Honestly, I'd love to just travel the world.

Favorite color: Pale pink or yellow

Favorite dog breed: I want a great dane named Archie. I mean, who wouldn’t want a horse in their home?

Favorite TV Show(s): Survivor! I’ve seen all 38 seasons (over 500 episodes) and even some of them twice.  

If I could do a face mask with any celebrity: Tyra Banks, no questions asked.

If I could do a podcast with any influencer: Kristin Johns! She is the absolute sweetest, the best with plants, and Kristin Made Inc. is the cutest brand for all minimalist lovers. 

Sign: Cancer

Enneagram Type: Type 8, which I just had to google to fill this out. 

Favorite Tampa food spot: Eddie and Sam’s! It was the first place I ever ate at during my first time in Tampa (a volleyball tournament 6 years ago!)

Favorite Tampa coffee spot: Definitely Buddy Brew. 

Favorite spot on the Tampa campus: The Honors College! You can find me working in the lounge most days.

Why did you choose USF? They offered incredible financial aid, and Tampa was a great spot for opportunities in my field!

Why did you join Her Campus? My advisor Laura slid me a flyer about Her Campus in my first adivising meeting at USF in 2017. I was immediately drawn to it, and after the first meeting, I fell in love! I’ve met incredible women along the way, gained amazing experience and have made life-long friends. 

What is your HC USF position? I’m lucky enough to be the Editor-in-Chief!

What can we expect from your team this semester? Innovative stories, consistent posts and some really great writing!

What else are you up to right now? I am currently freelancing for TAMPA Magazine and planning my study abroad to Italy next semester! I’m also excited to start my own blog this semester, so be on the lookout for that. Follow me on Instagram @mollyurnek!

Photo courtesy Rachel Smith