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#MEETUS(F): Mia Borja

Name: Mia Borja

Age: 20

Major: Pre-med student majoring in Communication

Hometown: Born in Staten Island, NY and moved to Orlando, FL 

Dream job: I’m not sure what kind of doctor I want to be since there are so many different choices. As of right now, I’m leaning towards pediatrics or oncology.  I would also love to start a blog all about my life and pre-med journey to help others with tips and advice who are going through the same path as me. 

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite dog breed: Corgis and Goldendoodles

Favorite TV Show(s): Stranger Things, The Circle, and I love rewatching a lot of old Disney Channel shows. I recently finished Umbrella Academy too and I loved it!

Sign: Taurus 

Favorite Tampa coffee spot: I  don’t usually go to many coffee shops so my answers are still in the works!

Favorite spot on the Tampa campus: My favorite place is the MLK lawn area and for study spots, I usually am in the 4th floor of the MSC or the EDU building.

Why did you choose USF? After I did a campus tour, I loved the open and more “newer” campus and how much greenery there is, it’s so beautiful. I also love how it’s located still in a major city. There are so many things to do around Tampa. And lastly, I chose this school because as a triplet, we all wanted to go to the same school and USF was the one we all fell in love with!

Why did you join Her Campus? I joined Her Campus the very first semester of my freshman year. I wanted to meet new people, make some friends, and learn more about the social media industry. Now, after 2 years of being in Her Campus, I can definitely say you create such great bonds and memories with everyone in the club and you do learn so much professionally as well. 

What is your HC USF position? Secretary 

What else are you up to right now? A majority of what has been keeping me busy is preparing/making sure I’m on track for applying to med schools next summer.  I also am part of the advertising team for the Disney Club at USF. I also have been volunteering for the Crisis Text Line and watching a lot of new TV shows and movies. And finally, you can find me listening to Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore, all day. :) Follow me on Instagram @mia.borja 

I am a Senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Communication and on a pre-med track. I love Taylor Swift, going to concerts, and all things Disney.
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