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#MEETUS(F): Alexa Hilston

Name: Alexa

Age: 19

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Oviedo, FL 

Dream job: I would love to help people in any aspect, especially with their mental health, so being a therapist would be an amazing job for me. My absolute dream, my “this is what I would be in a perfect world” job would be a social media manager for the National Hockey League. 

Favorite color: Red

Favorite dog breed: Technically, I’m more of a cat person, but I’ve always loved samoyeds! Fluffy cloud dogs!

Favorite TV Show(s): I love to watch TV and my favorite show of all time is definitely Parks and Recreation. I also love binge-watching shows from Disney Channel that I watched when I was little, like Hannah Montana and Suite Life on Deck. I also love reality TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Big Brother. 

Sign: I’m a cusp baby! I was born on the last day of Pisces, but according to my in-depth chart, I’m actually an Aries. 

Favorite Tampa coffee spot: King State!

Favorite spot on the Tampa campus: I love to walk through MLK plaza, especially when the flowers are blooming, but my favorite spot is the Bulls fountain in front of the MSC.

Why did you choose USF? We are a hockey school!

Why did you join Her Campus? I joined Her Campus because I love to write and use social media, and this combines both of those perfectly. I also wanted to find some new friends on campus and figured I would start with this amazing group of girls!

What is your HC USF position? I am the treasurer!

What else are you up to right now? My life is all hockey all the time. I’m the social media manager of USF’s club hockey team. I’m also vice president of an entirely female-run hockey publication called PUCKerUp Sports! When I’m not deep in the hockey world, I love to go to Disney and I love to travel. 

Alexa Hilston is a student at the University of South Florida majoring in elementary education and minoring in communications. In addition to being a member of Her Campus at USF, Alexa also is social media manager for USF Hockey and vice president of PUCKerUp Sports. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, going to Disney, creating content, hammocking, and drinking water.
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