Masks Are The New Holiday Socks

There are masks for every occasion already, and it’s only been eight months in this pandemic. The lovely United States has taken this global pandemic and adapted to it rather than truly solving it. That said, we as a society have to come to terms with the fact that we now have to wear masks.

A vector illustration representing the Earth wearing a mask. Photo from Pixabay

We wear masks to theme parks, stores, restaurants, planes, the bathroom, school, etc. Thankfully, creative minds and technology have enabled pretty masks to be made. There are masks for every occasion. I’ve seen smiley masks, masks with inspirational quotes, masks with characters of any kind, masks with pictures, and my dad recently sent me a link to light-up masks. American creatives took to design applications, their Cricut Machines, and their local fabric stores and have created this new accessory that will go down as a part of the COVID-19 history. These masks are a new accessory to fashion.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Socks are also a necessity to most people’s fashion, and frequently, people color coordinate their outfits. I’m one of those people who often color coordinates an outfit from head to toe. That’s why my two main pairs of shoes are white and black. Easy to match. This pandemic has given me one more accessory to tie into my outfits. In addition to color coordination, there are holiday accessories. Masks will now be like a favorite pair of holiday socks. A select few will be deemed acceptable during the specific season in which the holiday is occurring, much like holiday socks. My mom makes fun of me because I have a pair of Christmas socks for every day of December, simply because it’s my favorite. My roommate loves Halloween, so she has a lot of Halloween socks for the spooky season. Much like holiday socks, now there will be holiday masks.

pile of solid and patterned masks Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino from Unsplash