Kanye is Pro-Trump?

If you are scrolling through the Cosmopolitan snapchat, you might see an article that will make you do a double take. And no, it's not a sex position. 

Kanye West, was recorded live, ranting that if he would have voted, he would have voted for Trump, shocking many of his fans at the San Jose stop of his St. Pablo tour.

In this chapter of Her Campus, we try to provide a well-balanced view on sensitive subjects such as politics. We like to have an opinion, but we try very hard to respect the value of different opinions and uphold neutrality, as we are a news source. But, that doesn't mean we can't report on the fact of how bizarre this is!

Kanye is Kanye, and marches to beat to his own drum. He is kind of like Trump in this way, he says what he wants to and does what he wants to, even if people don't agree. (We all remember his incident with Swift in the past. (VMA's, #Kimexposedtaylorparty, etc) 

West touched on the Black Lives Matter Movement as well and shared that, "Specifically, to black people, stop focusing on racism."

This is controversial because Kanye had supported the Clinton campaign just last year. He also was remembered for his quote, "Bush doesn't care about black people." (This meme is

actually going viral again. I wonder why?) 


Either way, Kanye has turned some of his fans away with this revelation. Whether you are one of them is up to you, but hearing opinions and insights, especially from media icons like Kanye is quite interesting.