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It’s Tea Time

Green tea has been around for centuries, and for good reason.  There are endless health benefits to drinking green tea.  These benefits can be gained by drinking a cup (or more) of green tea a day. Here are the top five benefits to adding green tea to your diet!

1. Prevents against cancer

Green tea has lots of antioxidants in it that helps prevent against a number of cancers, including: breast, colon, stomach, ovarian, prostate, oral, pancreas, and liver cancer (amongst others!)

2. Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke

Heart attacks and stroke are caused by buildup in arteries. Drinking tea can keep those arteries nice and clean. In fact, a study in the Netherlands found that by drinking tea you reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by 70%.

3. Increases your metabolism

Studies show that drinking calorie free tea can increase your metabolic rate to where your body burns 70 to 80 calories more a day.

4. Reduce risk of neurological disease, such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons

A study was conducted on Japanese adults that consumed two cups of green tea a day, and the results showed that they cut their risk of developing neurological disorders in half. In addition, tea has been shown to temporarily improve short term memory.

5. Tea has less caffeine than coffee

Compared to coffee, tea has less caffeine. By drinking tea instead of caffeine you can avoid caffeine headaches and the jittery feeling you get when you’ve had too much caffeine. By slowly transitioning to tea, you can also lower your dependence on caffeine!

Drinking tea has several health benefits, but it’s also just a delicious drink option! Tea has history all over the world. Britain, India, Morocco, Japan, China and many more all have specific teas they drink. Not sure where to start on your new tea drinking journey? Check out Kaleisia Tea Lounge or Felicitious Coffee and Tea House for an afternoon of tea and studying!


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