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New York, New York, New York— oh how much I love you. I was born in Long Island, New York, about a mile away from Queens, New York. Although I moved to Florida when I was 10 years old, I will always consider myself a New York girl. The slow-paced rhythm of Florida, the low-key arrogance and immaturity of many people here (no offense Floridians), mid transportation system, and overall lack of excitement in Florida just isn’t for me. Whether it’s for grad school or post-grad life, I know I want to go back to the place I call home. 

However, while I believe New York is the best place ever, I must say that it is not for everyone. New York is so romanticized in entertainment; from Friends, to Gossip Girl, to Sex and the City, New York is always seen as this impeccable landscape that everyone should want to be in. I see Floridians sing “Empire State of Mind” or “Welcome to New York” with such passion that you would think they are natives to the Big Apple! Truth be told though, I have met people that I could never imagine living in New York. 

Considering that our audience is largely college students, I thought it would be very helpful to get the insight of two individuals who lived in New York for about 30 years (starting in college). So, I sat down with my mom and dad and asked them some questions on their experience in the Concrete Jungle. 

*Note: This is not meant to discourage anyone from moving to New York. The purpose of this article is to point out that as ethereal as New York may seem, it does have its blemishes, and some people may be better off not joining this space. * 


Is there anything about New York that you think is overhyped? 

“Hmmm… Probably the quality of life; although New York is a beautiful place, you have many other cities that are cleaner than New York. There are a lot of unkempt areas in New York.” 

What are some cons about living in New York? 

“I would say the crime rate is definitely not the best. Also, the weather isn’t for everyone. For instance, someone coming straight from Florida may not love it. New York is also an extremely expensive city, particularly when it comes to housing. Also, people in New York may not seem as friendly as people from other places.” 

What are some pros about living in New York?

“You’ve got a great subway system/transportation that is available all across the five boroughs. If you’re looking to have a great time, options are always available. If you’re a senior citizen, you are offered much more support from the government. Also, diversity is top notch in New York. People in New York are so used to different types of people, which is why there is less racism in New York.” 

What’s your all time favorite thing about New York? 

“There’s always something to do in New York. The city is always popping, especially for young people. From the opera to broadway, everyone is always working to produce something big.” 

What would you tell someone who is looking to move to New York? 

“I would tell someone who is looking to move to New York to be careful. You’re faced with everything in New York, and sometimes it can be dangerous. Enjoy the city, but be careful.” 


Is there anything about New York that you think is overhyped? 

“The idea that everyone can make it here is overhyped. New York is a great place with numerous opportunities but the ease that these opportunities are said to flow with is not always accurate.” 

What are some cons about living in New York? 

“There are a lot of small spaces, and the houses aren’t as spacious as in other places. The weather also isn’t for everyone; it gets very cold and this lasts for months. Environmentally speaking, New York has both smoke and noise pollution. The fast-paced lifestyle can be a negative for some people who prefer calm environments where they are not being rushed.” 

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What are some pros about living in New York? 

“Public Transportation is widespread, there is a much higher salary for basically all occupations, and the people in New York are much less arrogant than people in other states because they have seen it all.” 

What’s your all-time favorite thing about New York? 

“My favorite part about New York is the diversity and easy access to transportation, shopping, etc. You feel a sense of belonging and comfort whether you are in the workplace, the subway, and just about anywhere you go because you see people who look like you.

What would you tell someone who is looking to move to New York? 

“I would say to be ready for a lifestyle change. Florida has a very different landscape, weather and pace than New York”. 

There you have it babes— the 101 on the city that never sleeps. Moving to another state is a big step that should involve a lot of research before a decision is made. Make sure you evaluate your options before you truly head out into the real world all by yourself!

Until next time, xoxo.

Hey lovely readers, it's Sasha here! I am a freshman this year majoring in Economics and Political Science. Writing has always been my biggest passion, and I am thrilled to work with my other gal pals to show y'all what the ladies at HerCampus are all about.
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