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The Intern Diaries: My First Month and a Half

This year has been hectic in the best way, if that is possible. I landed my first internship this semester at an amazing agency, McKay Advertising + Activation, and I have been loving it every week more and more. Each day that goes by I learn so much more than I thought I could during an internship, and it has only been a little over a month.

When I got this internship, I knew it would be a lot of work. I would be in the presence of respected professionals who have been doing this for years and expectations would be high. Not only have I learned more about the industry, I have learned a ton about myself.

Photo courtesy of Leticia Ribeiro

From the very first day, the team believed in us. It is so encouraging to have this kind of work environment. I recognized this during the interview. Often, we are so nervous and have so many thoughts going through our mind that we forget to pay attention to the details, like the people interviewing us and the environment around us.

Once I got here, I knew I had to do my best. I have stepped out of my comfort zone more than I thought I would. I attend networking events and actually talk to people. I attend client meetings and present the research we have collected and how they have been performing. I am being exposed to the real world of digital advertising, a side of the industry I could have never learned in school.

Photo courtesy of Pintrest, illustration by Ben Wiseman

Over the last month or so, I have also realized all the things I could have been doing in order to prepare for an internship. For instance, if there are certifications you can get to be better at your job, do them. You will definitely impress your employer and most importantly you will be ready for anything. I am getting a lot of those certifications now while managing everything else thrown my way.

It would have been nice to get a head start. If you know the industry you are going into uses a certain type of program or service, learn it, or at least research it. Even learning how to use something so simple such as Slack (a sophisticated chatting platform) can save you a ton of time.

The biggest challenge for me this semester has been time management. I thought I was organized before this internship, but I had no idea. I must say, I am adapting well to the stresses and new obstacles I face. Time management really is a skill, and I am continuously working on it. If there is one piece of advice you decided take from this, it should be to understand yourself and how you work. Plan accordingly, prioritize, and never ever procrastinate. Oh! And never give up, of course.

Photo courtesy of Leticia Ribeiro

Hey! My name is Leticia and I am the Campus Correspondents here at USF. I am graduating in MAY (omg) with a degree in Advertising and PR. I am originally from Brazil, needless to say, I LOVE the beach and being outside! I enjoy everything from make-up to fitness and sports. In my free time you can find me thrifting, playing photographer, or at home with my hubby binging Netflix.
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