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The Influence of the Moon in Astrology

I have always been fascinated by the idea that the planets somehow affect our lives. In astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your astrological identity, but most people are not aware that the other planets affect our horoscopes as well.

Humans are complex, and so are our astrological birth charts. If you think of your birth chart as a jigsaw puzzle, the sun and moon are the biggest pieces. Your moon sign is the second most important influence in your birth chart. Just as there is no day without the night, your astrological identity will only be partial unless you consider both your sun and moon sign. There are also many other factors that should be considered- rising signs are also important- but for the sake of this article I will be focusing on moon signs.

The moon moves throughout the zodiac just as the sun does; however, it takes the sun about a month to pass through a sign while it takes the moon about three and a third days. Since the moon moves throughout the zodiac faster, it is determined not just by month and day, but also the place and time of your birth.

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The moon has historically been connected to the basic rhythms of life and the universe. The count of lunar months keeps track of time the same way a woman’s menstrual cycle does. Many religions worship the moon like the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Hindus, Muslims, and Pagans. In ancient Egypt, the daily switch between the sun and the moon was embodied by the Sun god Ra and the Moon god Thoth. When Ra journeyed into the underworld at night, Thoth took over until the sun rose again.

Something that interests me is how the moon is traditionally used in ritual. Such religions like Paganism use the process of the moon’s transformation to their advantage. The full moon is commonly associated with abundance, achievement, and manifesting desires because the moon’s energy is at its peak. In contrast, the new moon is a time where the moon appears in darkness and this time represents rest, relaxation, and banishing negative energy.

The waxing and waning cycles are also considered. Constructive rituals are done during the waxing cycle and destructive rituals are done during the waning cycle. As the moon grows so does the opportunity that you are working for, or as the moon dwindles so does the bad habit you are trying to quit.

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These principles of the moon cycle are also considered in astrology because the moon passes through each sign as it passes through the phases. Though the sun sign is extremely important and will follow you throughout your life, your sun sign is the persona that you show to the world while your moon sign is your inner emotions and core personality.

Your moon sign is the inner workings of you every single day. The decisions you make, the way you perceive your feelings, and your viewpoint of the world are all related to the workings of your moon sign. If you are an emotional person, you might personally identify more with traits of your moon sign than your sun.

As ThoughtCo explains, “there are some people who do not connect with their sun sign and the main reason may be that their lunar sign has more influence over their personality."

It helps to explain why someone who was born on August 11th might be so different from someone who was born on August 15th. There is so much more than just your sun and moon sign. If you are a person who does not typically relate to their sun sign, try looking at your full birth chart. Even if you do not truly believe in it, astrology can provide a powerful vocabulary for understanding yourself.

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