Imani Lee is Progressively Getting Better

Imani Lee is a 19-year-old sophomore from Miami. He's a mass communications major specializing in broadcast production. He was also our event photographer for our collaborative fashion show with Rent the Runway. Find out more about Imani, his photography and how he is progressively getting better below. 
How did you get started with photography?
"I got started with photography in 11th grade. I didn't take photography classes or join a photography club. I was self-taught. I really wanted to develop a passion for capturing a single moment that would tell timeless stories."
What do you love the most about it?
"I love being able to use my creative talents to capture the essence of different subjects, situations and events. The world is filled with great things and I love being able to explore this diverse place we call Earth. Natural lighting is one of my favorite types of lighting because you have to work alongside nature. You have to adjust and be flexible to the changing temperature and weather and environmental conditions." 
How have you seen your work grow since you started?
"I have seen my work transform from just point and shoot pictures to very engaging, crisp and storytelling photos. The more pictures I take, the more I can envision what type of angle, lighting and creative outlet I want to use. My pictures have grown in their visual aesthetics and storytelling power."
What are your goals as a photographer?
"My goals are to capture precious moments and to bring out the best of people in a single image. I also want people to see the world through my eyes by the photos I take. I want people to see where I have gone and people I have met."
Briefly explain to our readers what PGB is?
“PGB (Progressively Getting Better),” as seen on urban dictionary means, “a positive mindset, lifestyle, and opportunity." Everyone has some area of his or her life that needs to be improved. PGB wants you to represent positive progress in your life, whether its spiritual, health, fitness, business or school. ‘Progressively Getting Better (PGB),’ is also a mantra and slogan that people should say and share every day. PGB will integrate itself into the lives of people to reflect positivity and productivity. PGB is a constant reminder that challenges, obstacles and problems can be overcome with a positive productive mindset and lifestyle.”
Why did you decide to start it?
"I started my new company PGB Apparel to give people a visual representation of positive progression through clothing. PGB Apparel’s clothing line is at the forefront of a new era in self and community development. I believe that each person has the ability to change themselves to be more positive for the better. Like Michael Jackson said in his song “Man in the Mirror”, we need to look in the mirror and start changing ourselves before we can change the world."
What motivates you to progessively get better?
"The ability and potential inside me motivates me to progressively get better. I want to unlock my positive powerful potential and help others unlock theirs, so this world can be a better place."
What celebs/public figures do you thing are PGB?
"I can not name any celebrity or public figure but I think all people should recognize they are PGB and try their best to motivate themselves first. That's why PGB Apparel combines our powerful message with clothing. So every individual can affirm that they are PGB in their own way."
Where did the name originate from?
"The name “PGB (Progressively Getting Better)” originated from my pursuits of positive progression during my high school years. I wanted to be a really well-rounded person in regards to my personality, skills and talents. I played basketball my whole life, so I know exactly how it feels like to want to get better and push myself out of a comfort zone. The same concept applies to PGB. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about each individual’s personal journey through positive progression, which will include ups and downs. PGB came from my heart and all the experiences that I went through and will go through. It is the summation of my life. I am PGB and I know everyone is PGB, too; they just have to realize it."
Where can people find out more info about PGB?
You can find out more about our motto PGB (Progressively Getting Better) and PGB Apparel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Like, follow and share your PGB story with us.
The official PGB Apparel website is
Imani will be our photographer for our upcoming Study Break event, so be sure to RSVP to get your photo taken by him and find out more about PGB Apparel from the founder himself!