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There are so many people who believe in luck. A lot of people believe that good things come to those who are simply born with luck. And that makes me sad. It makes me sad that people don’t believe in hard work and dedication anymore. Some people believe that if you were born into a rich family and have a lucky life, your life will be great. In my life, it was never like that at all.

I was not born rich. I never had a high-end life. I had and will always have God, myself, and my loved ones. Allow me to be transparent. My life is a roller coaster. My emotions are up and down. Sometimes, and even at this moment, I want to give up, but there was something that always kept me here, throughout all the pain, throughout all the tears, through it all, I was loved. 

Have you ever felt that your life was in a deep hole? You feel like your life is sinking and you can’t catch a breath? I know exactly what that’s like. Yet, throughout the inability to catch a breath, you still have a pulse. Your heart keeps beating because there’s something about your life that has meaning. There’s something about you that won’t stop even when you want to. It was never luck. I am loved. I am loved by God, myself, and my loved ones. And I truly believe that love, hard work, and motivation keeps me going.

There’s something about love that keeps your head afloat. After you’ve drowned so many times, the love and foundation you have keeps you from sinking. This is something I need to tell myself all the time. Love is the raft that keeps you afloat. Your self-doubt and lack of life is your anchor.

To anyone who needs to be encouraged, you are loved. You are worth it. You are capable of doing the exceptional. No matter what life brings, you bring it! And this is something that I need to tell myself as well. I didn’t know my own strength, but I am, and guess what? I LOVE IT.

"Everything attach to me wins" Proverbs 31:25-26
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