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I Shopped at Reformation, and These are my Thoughts

If I had to pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life based on aesthetic, I would pick Reformation. If you are new to Ref, it is basically a sustainable and ethically sourced clothing company. Their main goal is to reduce your carbon footprint while creating good quality clothing. Oh, and, not only do they pay their workers a REAL WAGE, but they also do not work in sweatshops. (Brownie points!) With all of those incredible things, also lies an incredible price tag with everything pretty much costing over $50. Yep, even the shirts. But they recently had a sale, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to snag some clothes. Here are my thoughts:

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Pomme Top | Size S | OG Price: $38 | Price I Paid: $27

This tank is so cute. I am a very neutral toned girl, so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. I love the material and love the halter style neck. I find that the shape is very flattering and altogether the shirt feels SO sturdy. I definitely think this tank top is worth the price; however, if you were to buy it at the full price I would buy a neutral/solid color so that you can wear it more often.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Gianna Top | Size S | OG Price: $58 | Price I Paid: $41

So, this is where things get wonky. I love the way this shirt feels. It actually feels expensive, as it should. *eye rolls at self for spending this much on a tank top* The negative thing about this tank top is the way that it fits. The straps are so awkward and are almost too big, but it is in the same size as the first tank top. On the model, it looks really good, but I guess that is why she is the model and I am not. I do not hate this top, but if I could go back and not buy it, I would.

Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Flax Relaxed Crew Tee | Size XS | OG Price: $28 | Price I Paid: $14

This is my little pot of gold. I LOVE this shirt so much. The material is so nice and comfortable. I know it is just a black t-shirt, but I feel so confident when I’m wearing it. It fits me perfectly, not too big and not too loose. I would most definitely pay the full price for this shirt, and I may even buy some more soon!


Photo courtesy of Reformation



Photo courtesy of Kristyn Goodwin


Prairie Dress | Size 2 | OG Price: $198 | Price I Paid: $59

Guys. This was a total fail. I am almost embarrassed to post this because of just how bad it is. The dress came totally defected with the bow not being centered. I was really shocked and disappointed that the dress came like this, simply because this article of clothing had to be approved to be sent out. Luckily, I reached out to customer service and they allowed me to return the dress (it was a final sale item) because it was clearly an error on their side of the company.

So, would I shop at Reformation again? Totally. Would I purchase their clothing at full price? Eh, maybe. With the four items that I was able to round up, I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what the clothing quality is like. In my opinion, it is very hit or miss and I would not recommend buying their clothing online.

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