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Gossip Girl screencap
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I Said What I Said: Gossip Girl is the Best Teen Drama of All Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

As the decades have rolled, we’ve seen many shows display the perils of teenage and young adult life. And yet, in my not so humble opinion, there is one teen drama that has taken this concept and made it into a masterpiece. With full confidence, I sit here and say the following: Gossip Girl is the Best Teen Drama of All Time. 

While New York may seem like a basic place for an American show to take place, it’s all about how the director incorporates the Big Apple into the series. By choosing to center on the Upper East Side as opposed to the popular teen drama choice of Los Angeles, viewers learn about a new type of wealth and fame that revolves around the skyscraping city. 

While in L.A, fame is mostly garnered by entertainment value, it’s all about business in the concrete jungle, as can be seen by the careers of these rich kids’ parents. This choice creates such a striking, mature difference between this series and other teen dramas. We see a whole other type of world, and one that as a New Yorker I can assure is fascinating. 

Blake Lively in Gossip Girl
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Next up lovies, let’s talk about the wisdom in casting decisions. It wouldn’t make sense for Leighton Meester to be Serena, just as it wouldn’t for Blake Lively to be Blair. In the role of Serena, we needed an “it’ girl, and while Leighton Meester has such a beautiful grace to her (one that makes her the best Blair possible), Lively’s charisma and stature make her the ideal Serena. Even when Serena’s storylines fall flat, we keep our eyes on the screen as a result of the actress’s portrayal. To add, putting recent controversy aside, it seems that Ed Westwick was born to play Chuck Bass. 

Nostalgia is a feeling that touches the soul. In Gossip Girl, nostalgia seeps in the form of a killer soundtrack. Borrowing from all genres, Gossip Girl’s soundtrack is my favorite of any show. Between songs like Come Home by OneRepublic, What Goes Around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake, Paparazzi by Lady Gaga, Power by Kanye West, and With Me by Sum 41, the sounds were incredible. 

Lastly, it would not be a Gossip Girl discussion if we didn’t talk about the stellar fashion. As a matter of fact, fashion companies would actually advertise their styles on GG characters! The runway looks that Blair and Serena in particular would flaunt became a signature of the show, and left us all wanting to take selfies by a Paris water fountain or show out in a White Party (IYKYK). 

There we have it ladies and gents of Manhattan’s elite. I believe that Gossip Girl’s influence on both pop culture and the teen drama genre is not talked about enough. In both the criteria listed above and those not mentioned, our favorite Constance Billard-St. Jude’s students made a show for the era. Until next time, you know you love me.

Xoxo, Sasha.

Hey lovely readers, it's Sasha here! I am a freshman this year majoring in Economics and Political Science. Writing has always been my biggest passion, and I am thrilled to work with my other gal pals to show y'all what the ladies at HerCampus are all about.