How to Style a Statement Necklace

One of the newest trends seen throughout on college women is one that I myself fnnd favorable - bulky necklaces. “Bulky” isn’t usually a term used to describe something attractive, but the eye-popping display of accessories seen in clubs, at meetings and out to lunch can be worn with any cute outfit. These newly-discovered pieces are also known as “statement necklaces.” Basically, if you’re feeling in need of a little pop of color or eye-catching sparkle, this trend is the one for you. You can find necklaces like these in almost any store that sells accessories, like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Windsor and any other popular women's store. Don’t be shy, because necklaces have always been a necessary part of a woman’s wardrobe, they are just a little more extravagant going into the 2013 year, and they are definitely making a statement. Check out the photos below to see how some of the ladies of the USF campus style their favorite statement necklaces.

Amanda Valdalez, '16

Tina Brannon, '14

Stephanie Coffey, '15

Ashley Polio, '15

Fallon Gerst, '16

How do you style your statement necklaces? Which type do you love the most? Collar, bib, chain, floral, beaded, choker, geometric, fringe, or pendant? Tell us in the comments!

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