How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

Every fashion guru or fashionista always has a list of his or her own wardrobe must-haves or closet staple pieces that everyone should have. I also have my own list, though I would not consider myself to be a fashion guru or fashionista; I still believe that there are some pieces of clothes that everyone should have. On that list is the “boyfriend” jean.

The boyfriend jean is a staple to have in a wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans are also versatile. There are many types of boyfriend jeans. Some are slim fitting, baggy, cropped, distressed etc. They are wearable for many occasions, such as a date night, finals week, sports games, girl’s night out etc.

At first sight many of us might of looked at the boyfriend jean like “How am I supposed to wear this baggy thing?” But in all actuality we can wear it any way we want. We can dress it up, dress it down. We can add a chain to it- the point is we can customize it to our personal style. That is why the boyfriend is essential for our wardrobe.

Today I had to run several errands. I wasn’t going anywhere fancy but I didn’t want to look like a bum either. So I paired my dark gray boyfriend jeans with an oversized men’s sweater from Salvation Army. I also threw on my Dr. Martens to clean up the look.

I hope this article was helpful on how you can wear boyfriend jeans, or any pair baggy jeans you may have!