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How to Study Smart in College

Finals will be here before you even know it and just the thought of it probably makes you cringe. By now, we are all used to sleeping in and not having to worry about classes, but the fact that spring break is over means that it is finally time to get back on track and start preparing yourself for the next month and a half of the semester. Most of us find it difficult to get back into school routine after taking some time off (if you don’t, good for you!), which is why you need to get your life together now before you start falling behind, and here are some tips on how to study smart:

1. Organize your study area

First, find a quiet place where you can study more effectively. No one knows you better than you know yourself, so in order to find a good study environment that works for you, you have to consider the following factors:

 Do you get easily distracted?

 Can you study with a lot of people around?

 Do you tend to get bored if you don’t change your study spot?

Basically, try to find a good study place with bright lights and no distractions, and keep it organized and neat.2. Take a deep breath

Start by taking a deep breath and let it out slowly. Forget about anything else that is on your mind right now and start focusing on your classes!  Also, choose your priorities wisely and remember, getting good grades should be your first priority.

3. Make a to-do list

This is one of the most effective methods that actually work for me. Grab a notebook and start listing down all the things you have to do. It is never too soon to start studying ahead for your classes, and honestly, nothing feels better than getting everything done and crossing out all the tasks on your list!

4.Turn off your phone

Your phone can be a huge distraction when you are studying, and if you are one of those people with a short attention span, the first thing you will reach for is your phone! To study smart, turn off your phone completely and only turn it in on during your breaks. If you don’t want to turn off your phone, you can temporarily delete some of your apps on it, such as Facebook , Instagram, etc… until you are done studying and then re-download them later when you are free (remember, this all depends on you and whether you let yourself get easily distracted or not).

5.  Manage your time

Don’t procrastinate! While some of us work best under stress, it is better to get your things done ahead of time and be free later to watch your favorite TV show or hang out with some friends.  Procrastinating only makes you freak out more, so stop delaying what you have to do and get started now. Don’t wait till the last minute to start writing an essay or studying for tomorrow’s test, you will most likely get a bad grade then. Trust me, time management is the key to success!

The next month and a half will go by so fast and finals week will be here soon. Start preparing yourself now and study!

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