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How to Keep Your Hair from Getting Split-Ends

The beauty of long, healthy locks is desired by many, however, keeping the ends from fraying and splitting can be difficult to do. The use of chemicals, dyes, bleaching, and heat just make it worse!  With these simple tricks, maintaining a long healthy mane will become much easier and attainable.

1.     Oil

Oiling hair has been a trick used by women for years in order to hydrate and nourish hair. By oiling your hair before washing, you give it essential nutrients that help the hair strengthen and thicken. It also provides shine and softness that is otherwise stripped away through washing. Almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil work the best and are usually more inexpensive. Before washing hair, massage oil into your hair working the scalp to get blood flowing and then rubbing the excess oil into the body of the hair. Leave this in for at least an hour before washing. Overnight is even better!


2.     Fish oil

Fish oil supplements prove to have many benefits, one of which is healthy hair. The omega 3s in the oils help strengthen hair and also aid in adding shine.


3.     Heat

When styling your hair, using tools that provide higher levels of heat will actually keep your hair from getting damaged. Even though it seems odd to apply MORE heat, higher heating tools will allow you to style your hair faster which, in turn, will result in less heat applied overall. Instead of running the flat iron through a section of hair multiple times at a lower heat, you would run it through once or twice and the total heat applied would be less.

By using these few tools, your hair will be stronger and more beautiful than it already is!

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