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How To Glow Like a K-Pop Star

Skin Care is more than just an industry in Korea: it’s a religion. The craziest I get with my American skin care regimen is maybe an exfoliator or a moisturizer. Some women in Korea may use up to 10 different skin care products! Korean skin regimens vary but most include a double cleanse, toners, moisturizer, essence, masks, and most importantly, SPF. The goal is to achieve a radiant glow while also making sure your skin is protected from harmful UV rays.

Alicia Yoon is the founder of Peach & Lily, a company that is bringing Korean skincare to America. Yoon says there is no true “10-step skin-care routine.” Korean women all have varying routines but there is the core belief “that flawless radiant skin that is very healthy is a true sign of beauty,” says Yoon. The key word  here is healthy- the regime is not just about beauty in Korea. The routine is seen as an essential part of staying healthy. Elle Magazine talked to Zoe Draelos, M.D., a Consulting Professor at Duke University. Draelos notes that Korean products are “water soluble” which are more effective for removing dirt and makeup than American oil based products.

So, what makes Korean skincare so different?

The answer may surprise you. Snails. Yes, Snails. The focus of Korean skincare is hydration, and snail extract can help hydrate and repair skin. Another common ingredient is bee venom, which can soothe the skin and prevent dryness and wrinkles. Various affordable Korean beauty products are available at Target, Sephora and Walrmart, such as green tea face masks. You can also try the BB cream. BB cream combines moisturizer, serum, and sunscreen all in one! This trend has been picking steam up in America over the last couple of years. American brands have taken notice and produced their own brands. If you are on a budget like me I’d advise going for the American brands such as Maybelline and e.l.f. whose prices range from $6-9. 


So, do all these products really work? After some investigating I found articles on Elle, Self, and Buzzfeed of women raving about the results.  K-Pop stars and actresses in Korean dramas seem to have an almost goddess-like glow to their skin.  Jessica Jung is one of the founding members of Girls’ Generation, one of the biggest K-Pop stars in Korea. She shared her extensive beauty regimen with Vogue. Jung uses toner, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, hydrating mist, lip balm, and sunscreen. And that is just the morning routine! Jung also has a nightly routine with foaming cleansers and more toners and moisturizers, which she applies religiously.  You can see Jung’s full 16 Step Beauty Routine here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8ktbz585t4

So how can you get started? Charlotte Cho, a founder of the popular Korean skincare brand Soko Glam warns not to get overwhelmed. She advises starting slowly and really getting to know your skin. Once you really know your skin you can start mixing and matching products and form a routine.  So maybe don’t start all at once with the beauty products.  Just grab some BB cream or a simple green tea mask and take the first baby steps towards your journey to beautiful skin.

I am a Mass Communications student at the University of South Florida. I am obssessed with Pop Culture, I am a fierce Feminist, and aspiring writer. I enjoy naps and I am up for a night of netflix binge watching. I am interested in writing articles from food to fashion icons. I really want my voice to connect with my fellow students and give people a new perspective.
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