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Horoscopes are astrological signs used to determine personality traits and possible events in your life based on the day you were born. Whether you’re a true believer in the fact behind your zodiac sign or consider yourself a skeptic, they’re always fun to think about. Below are outfits inspired by the signs of the zodiac. Does your style match up with your zodiac symbol? Leave you thoughts in the comments!


Pisces: February 20th – March 20th

“Pisces is the sign of mysticism, mystery and the spiritual unknown. Pisces live in two worlds, the real world and the spiritual or mystical world where they interpret what they see into what they want. They do this to avoid all the realities of pain and suffering in the world. They have extremes of emotions and feel both good and bad intensively. Pisces have formidable intuitive ability. Most Pisces are somehow involved with occult or spiritualism. Pisces are very good at understanding people for they have the ability to delve into the psyche and see behind a person’s motivations.” – From Zodiac Signs Astrology

A flowy maxi shirt in a relaxing color like this beautiful blue is a great way to express your dreamy, whimsical personality. Pair it was a thin, bronze belt, a plain loose white top, and flat bronze sandals. Add a sparkly bib necklace and small studs to dress it up. Include a plain canvas bag that doesn’t overpower the rest of the outfit. Wear your hair up like celebrity Pisces Olivia Wilde. Keep your face flushed and bright with a soft pink lip and cheek and a simple gold eye.




Aries: March 21st – April 19th

“Aries is the first of the zodiac signs. Aries is the sign of the self, people born under this sign strongly project their personalities onto others and can be very self-oriented. Aries tend to venture out into the world and leave impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative. Aries tend to live adventurous lives and like to be the center of attention, but rightly so since they are natural, confident leaders. Aries are enthusiastic about their goals and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, “wanting is always better then getting” is a good way to sum it up. Aries are very impulsive and usually do not think before they act – or speak. Too often Aries will say whatever pops into their head and usually end up regretting it later! ” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

If you’re an Aries, a pretty, bright shift dress is a great way to express your personality. Don’t stop there! Add a great bold shoe and complete your look with neutral accessories. Try a pretty, wavy hairstyle like celebrity Aries, Claire Danes, add bronze and green tones to your eyes, a peachy cheek and lip, and black mascara to finish your look.


Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

“Taurus is the one who has immense perseverance, even when others have given up, the Taurus rages on. Solid and persistent, just like the bull, which is Taurus’ well suited symbol. Taurus’s have a well known reputation for being stubborn, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The stubborn streak can cause Taurus to butt heads and conflict with other strong character types. Taurus are not fond of change. They like the familiar and routine comfort of life. Taurus are very responsive to their surroundings. They like decorations, color, anything that appeals to all the sense.” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

If you’re a Taurus, I’m willing to bet you love comfortable classics. Find a great fitting pair of jeans, a comfy sweater in a warm color, comfortable, flat moccasins and a canvas backpack. Add a bright, long necklace to add some color. Wear your hair half up like celebrity Taurus, Amber Tamblyn. Use browns and plums on your eyes, a tinted moisturizer and a plum lipstick.




Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

“Gemini people are many sided, quick both in the mind and physically. They are brimming with energy and vitality, they are clever with words. They are intelligent and very adaptable to every situation and every person. Gemini are curious and always want to know what’s going on in the world around them. They are not one to sit back and watch the world go by, they want to be involved. This can sometimes make Gemini nosy, they do not mind their own business! This is because they really enjoy communicating, more so then most other astrology signs, they are the ultimate social butterfly. Gemini can talk and talk, but they have interesting things to say, their talk is not mindless babble. They have interesting opinions and thoughts on things and are not afraid to speak their mind.” – From Zodiac Signs Astrology
If you’re a Gemini, start your outfit with a sparkly, sequined top. Add black shorts with a high waist and strappy high heels. Include a quilted leather clutch and sparkly gold earrings to pull it all together. Leave your hair down in big, wild waves like celebrity Gemini, Kat Dennings. Keep your makeup simple. Just line your eyes using black eyeliner and mascara and add a touch of gold to the inner corners of your eyes and bottom lash line. Finish your look with a light pick lipstick.

Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

“Cancer is a mysterious sign, filled with contradictions. They want security and comfort yet seek new adventure. They are very helpful to others yet sometimes can be cranky and indifferent. Cancer has a driving, forceful personality that can be easily hidden beneath a calm, and cool exterior. The crab is Cancer’s ruling animal and it suits them well, they can come out of their shell and fight but they can also hide in their shell of skitter away back into the depths of the ocean. They are very unpredictable. With cancer, there is always something more that meets the eye, for they are always partially hidden behind the shell. They are a have a deep psyche and intuitive mind that is hidden from the world. Cancer is deeply sensitive and easily hurt, this might be why they have their defense shell in place, to avoids being hurt by others. They are nurturers so they surround themselves with people, whom after a while can offend or hurt a cancer without even knowing they did so, therefore Cancer’s protective shell keeps them safe from hurt.” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

Start your outfit with a flowy, one shoulder, mid-length dress in a deep color. Add solid colored flats and a leather cross body bag. Complete your look with a long charm necklace. Leave your hair in a fishtail braid resting on your bare shoulder like celebrity Cancer, Minka Kelly. Keep your make up look simple with bronzer, a light lip balm, and neutrals on the eyes.

Leo: July 23rd -August 22nd

“Leo is the lion, this well suited symbol represents Leo very well. They possess a kingdom which they protest and cherish. The are high esteemed, honorable and very devoted to themselves in particular! The kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, you rule it. Leo is always center stage and full of flair, they enjoy basking in the spotlight. A Leo always makes their presence known. Leo are full of energy that acts like a magnet for other people. Others are attracted to Leo’s wit, charm, and what they have to say for they speak of things grand and very interesting. Leo will never settle for second best. They want only the best which can cause lavish excessive spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury, which is all to easily justified by the grand and magnificent Leo! ” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

Start your outfit off with a classic little black dress. Make sure you choose one that shows off your figure in all the right places! Add a daring pair of pumps in bright color or maybe try animal print. Add a bold ring and long, elegant earrings to enhance your look. Finish it off with a unique clutch bag, like this one inspired by brass knuckles. Leave your hair down in big, sexy curls like celebrity Leo, Demi Lovato. Use a dramatic red lip to add to the intensity of your outfit with a cheekbone highlight, dark mascara, and liquid eyeliner. Keep your eyes neutral so that they don’t overpower the rest of your already bold look.


Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

“Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something.” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

You can never go wrong with a great fitting suit. Start with a tailored, crisp white jacket and black pants. Add a feminine, lacy camisole and menswear inspired heels. Add pearl earrings and a cute crystal hair accessory for your finishing touches. A straight, cropped cut similar to the one celebrity Virgo, Evan Rachel Wood sports is a great hairstyle for this feminine meets masculine look. Use dark shades on your eyes and leave the rest of your face flushed in light pink tones.


Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

“Libras are the diplomat of the zodiac. They are able to put themselves in other’s shoes and see things through another person’s point of view. They are the ones that always want to make things right and have balance and harmony in their life, their surroundings and the lives of the people close to them. They have captivating charm, elegant taste and they are easy to like due to their eager-to-please, easygoing nature. In return for a Libra’s amazing ability to be a good listener, sooth and calm people, they expect admiration. Libras will gather a group of people, everyone will become friends then the Libra will be in the center of the group. They like the attention and the admiration for the people that they have brought together. Libras are very intelligent, they often hide this inside their easygoing exterior. ” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

Throw on a breezy, light maxi dress and add a cardigan if it’s a little chilly out. Pair that combination with flat, strappy sandals, simple studs, bangles and a structured bag to pull it all together. Leave your hair down in natural, face-framing waves like celebrity Libra, Freida Pinto. Keep your makeup simple with charcoal and gold on the eyes and rosy cheek and lip.

Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

“Scorpio is the astrology sign of extremes and intensity. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. They always want to know why, where and any other possible detail they can possibly know.” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

Start your outfit with a black velvet dress and add printed tights for an intense and playful look. Throw on a pair of black booties, intricate earrings and a complex cuff to finish off your look. Put your hair in a loose updo like celebrity Scorpio, Anne Hathaway. Use grey and plum tones on your eyes. Use a deep plum lipstick to keep with the intensity of the look and add a rosy pink blush and mascara to finish the look.


Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

“Sagittarius seem to be guided by luck, good things happen to Sagittarius and this is usually because of their optimistic outlook and positive disposition which attracts good fortune. Despite hardships, Sagittarius is always optimistic that good things will happen tomorrow and the future carries good luck. Sagittarius have a vibrant, expansive personality that is free like a bird, Sagittarius cannot be contained. They are full of curiosity and they always look forward to the future, never dwelling on the past.” – From Zodiac Signs Astrology
Start with a bold blazer and pair it high waisted black pants, and a fitted black bralet top.A pair of strappy, peep toe pumps and a structured handbag will give your edgy outfit a classic twist. Add a pair of cute, kitschy earrings to show off your personality. Wear your hair down with a little extra volume and some waves for a “just go out of bed” feel like celebrity, Sagittarius, Kate Voegele. Charcoal tones on your lids and aquamarine hues of your lower lash line will look pretty when paired with expertly lined eyes and a rosy pink lip.

Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

“Capricorns are very ambitious people, they always have something they are pursuing and they want their lives to be fulfilled and important. Capricorns are extremely patient and will wait a long time for something they want, when the opportunity arises, they will plan their steps carefully to others, they might appear hesitant but this is not true, they know that there is only one chance to succeed and they are filing together their information to take the proper steps to accomplish their goal with flying colors, not just second rate. Capricorns have a very active mind and strong powers of concentration. Capricorns like being in control of their surroundings and everyone in their life.” -From Zodiac Signs Astrology

Start with a dressy, dark blouse and a fitted, pencil skirt. Add rose gold heels and a structured bag, gold studded earring and a pretty, feminine ring. Put your hair up in a high ponytail. Add some concentrated volume to the front of your hair for a little pompadour like celebrity Capricorn, Nina Dobrev. Use a champagney, bronze eyeshadow and high light your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and use a few swipes of black mascara. Finish your look with a skin brightening peachy pink blush

Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

“Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, unconventionality and intellectual independence. Aquarius are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their own way. They are always after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and stubbornly traveling their way regardless of what other people think. Aquarius are filled with paradoxes, they are interested in the opposite ends of the spectrum, they like to be alone yet are social butterflies, they like to experience both sides and see both opinions as they formulate new ideas with their forward thinking, active mind. Aquarius have a ‘live and let live’ policy where everyone is free to be themselves, an Aquarius never judges others because as human beings, we are all equal and entitled to our own opinions. They are verbally skilled and very witty, they observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation.” – From Zodiac Signs Astrology
Pair an adorable and funny shirt with a bright structured blazer and black oxford pumps to show off your witty personality. Throw on a great pair of black skinnies and add a thin bracelet for a personal, subtle touch. Wear your hair in a sleek, straight, high pony like celebrity Aquarius, Lauren Conrad. Use smoky neutrals on your eyes and a soft pink on your cheeks and lips.
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