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Hilarious World Cup Memes

Hey collegiettes™!

Are you ready for some hilarious World Cup memes? Laugh while you can, we’ll have to wait four years for more.


USA emotions during the Portugal game.

Didn’t you know? Tim Howard can save anything.

These two kids are unequally matched for France players Valbuena and Pogba.

Uruguay player Luis Suarez took a bite out of three different players during the tournament.

Germany scores 7 times against Brazil in the semifinals. Total domination.

This linesman knows how to play it cool.

The 3 flying dutchman!

Bruno Martins has some crazy eyes.

Poor Ronaldo.

This one speaks for itself! Poor Ronaldo again.

But how could we ever make fun of Ronaldo with his good looks and close friendship with Tim Howard?

Germany’s Muller sets a new goal-scoring record quite easily.

Spain losing so early in the tourament.

USA Jermaine Jones runs into a brick wall referee.

Mexico head coach gets quite excited or angry, can’t tell.

When the linesman realizes he’s on the big screen. Too cute, haha.

Ah come on, Brazil.

And finally, Argentina’s coach plays the trust game but no one’s there.

Jasmin Lankford is a junior at the University of South Florida majoring in mass communications with a minor in creative writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus USF. Jasmin is also the Communications committee chair of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Student Leadership Society and the Media Coordinator of The Poets at USF. She loves to write about literature, fashion, art, student life and pop culture. She aspires to publish a bestselling book, write and edit for a newspaper or magazine, travel the world, and more. Read her blog here!
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