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Herstory: Fashion and Feminism

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Who is Diane von Furstenberg, also known as DVF?

She is an influential fashion designer born in Brussels, Belgium who has captivated the world with her iconic design of the wrap dress, and her views on women empowerment. The number of awards and honors she has received could go on for ages. She was named the 68th most powerful woman in the world in 2014 by Forbes. She is currently the president of the Council of Fashion Designer’s of America (CFDA) where she has held that position for 12 years. She also starred in her own reality television show, House of DVF, on E! network.

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How Has She Made History for Women?

DVF’s independence, strength, and charisma have become a symbol for women around the world. Von Furstenberg has made a commitment to empowering women the minute she designed her first wrap dress in 1972. Von Furstenberg launched her very own “DVF Awards” in 2010 where she honors women who have shown leadership and passion for positive change and women empowerment. Each honoree is given a $50,000 grant to financially aid their cause or line of work. Examples of past honorees include Karlie Kloss with her “Kode With Klossy” program and Oprah Winfrey with her “The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation”.

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Why is DVF significant in Women’s History Month?

As young women, it’s important to have leaders like DVF to look up to. It allows us to see all the positive change women make in the world, and realize we can do that too. She shows us that we can be a leader in whatever field we go into whether that’s fashion like her or coding like Karlie Kloss. This month let’s celebrate all the women around us whether they are well-known like DVF or your mom who is a leader in your life because they are all important.

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