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Halloween Festivities

It’s the first week of October and you’ve probably already aligned three different costumes for each Halloween event on your calendar! Of course, no one has to actually wait until these events take place to celebrate the holiday. Gather your girlfriends and plan a Hallo-filled affair.

Nostalgia hits hard going down memory lane. Remember when you used to dress up as a Disney Princess or witch for three years in a row because you were six and you obviously played the part of the character the best? Think back to trick-or-treating in the neighborhoods where there was always one house at the end of the cul-de-sac who had no competition when it came to displaying the most thrilling and creative decorations. I, for one, was always jealous of my neighbor’s pumpkin carving skills.

So why not gather up your friends and get your Martha Stewart on with some Halloween craftiness for all of your apartments? Check out your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby and decorate pumpkins without all of the mess. It sounds a little too good to be true, but these stores offer styrofoam pumpkins that can be carved just like the real thing. The insides are painted orange so if you decide to put a candle inside no one will even know the difference. These pumpkins are not limited to carving, whip out a paint brush or bejewel it into a creation of your own. Check out these sweet and spooky decorating ideas for inspiration to individualize your orange circle of goodness.

ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween hasn’t started just yet, but you can always go out and rent your favorite film of the season like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown. As far as television goes, if you’re into the horror aspect of the season, the new seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story both premiere later this month. There’s no better excuse to gather up your friends and bake up some goodies for a viewing party. Target offers various Halloween-themed cupcake decoration kits including mummies, vampires, bats and more. All you really have to include in a text is “there will be cupcakes” and you’re guaranteed RSVP’s.

Lastly, if any of your friends happen to need a few more ideas costume wise, this would be the perfect opportunity to brainstorm. MAC Cosmetics and Sephora offer cool makeup ideas to play around with on one another. Whether you’re more of a Cleopatra vibe or just straight school girl, match your makeup style with fun nail designs found on Pinterest.

Whether you choose to craft pumpkins, bake cupcakes or play up makeup ideas, there really isn’t any way to go wrong here. Host your own holiday get together leading up the big day and make sure to take pictures!

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