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I am by no means a patient person.

I would set out the longest to-do list you have ever seen every day and drive myself towards these goals.

As a goal-oriented person, I love working according to to-do lists, because they give me tangible evidence that I am moving forward rather than standing still. I personally find it very difficult to cope with the lack of productivity, and so always try to maximize the workload I do every day.

When it comes to the world of writing, however, the rules are different.

I am aware of the fact that improvements in writing take time, yet it always pains me how slow I feel myself progressing over time, and how hard it is to write a quality article.

I almost give up every now and then, but thankfully, have gathered the patience to keep it up for as long as I possibly can.

Writing, especially if one is gathering momentum for a life-long career, means the tireless effort to keep going.

It’s the understanding of the need to always keep up to date with news and stories popping up everywhere all across the globe.

It’s the focus one spares to channel knowledge and emotions into harmonious words and sentences.

It’s the reckless copyediting one would invest time into doing over and over again after a piece is written.

I am by no means a professional writer and am merely at the start of a long and hard process of training.

However, I truly believe that with passion, patience and persistence, I will one day at a time be closer to the ideal version of the professional writer I have constructed in my mind all along.

One article at a time.

Meet Quyen. She is an introvert who loves to talk to strangers. She loves writing but hardly spends any time on it. Follow her on @quintheprincess to learn more about this fascinating human being!
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