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Glorifying the Downfall of Celebrities You Dislike is not it

On Monday, November 22, I was scrolling through my YouTube Recommended page and saw a post uploaded by the radio station “Hot 97”. The post announced that a controversial talk show host, Wendy Williams, is rumored to show early signs of dementia and that she is allegedly bound to a wheelchair. Williams suffers from Grave’s disease and has battled with drug addiction for decades. Due to her declining health, guest hosts have taken over Wendy’s role in The Wendy Williams Show since the start of season 13. 

The famous “Hot Topic” host has undoubtedly always been a hot topic in and of herself. She is known for having little to no filter, speaking her mind regardless of its effects, and sometimes making humor out of situations that do not warrant it. Nonetheless, I am not going to lie — have been watching Wendy Williams since I was a little girl and have kept up with her talk show for years. 

After seeing the announcement, I turned to the comment section; what I saw was absolutely distasteful. Some of the most disgusting comments included the following: “Ha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! I love when Karma shows her face! GOOD FOR YOU,” “Somehow I don’t feel no sympathy… just giggles,” and “Couldn’t have happened to a better person.” 

When I tell you guys my jaw dropped, I mean my jaw dropped. I know how disliked Wendy is, and even as a constant viewer of her show I can 100% admit that critics’ judgment of her show is inarguably warranted. But this? This is shameful. Have you committed no wrong? Are you perfect? Are you sinless? Some individuals carry such a heavy chip on their shoulders that it is clearly eating at their brains and causing them to believe this. 

The comment that really made me sneer was the following: “Truth… I’m a believer of the faith and the good book says you reap what you sow. She’s clearly receiving the energy she gave 10-fold…”. As a devoted Christian, it pains me to see when other “Christians” interpret the Bible like this and take a religion of love to praise evil. 

When one person becomes ill, the burden and hurt fall on those closest to them. Williams has a 21-year-old son who has dealt with enough in terms of his complicated family dynamic. For a young man to watch his mother fall apart in the hands of the public is a fate that no one should wish on anyone, especially after Kevin Williams recently lost his grandmother and had to see his parents’ nasty divorce. 

I end this post with a heavy sigh, having not much to say at this point. Some of you need to re-check your hearts and find the humanity in there somewhere.

Hey lovely readers, it's Sasha here! I am a freshman this year majoring in Economics and Political Science. Writing has always been my biggest passion, and I am thrilled to work with my other gal pals to show y'all what the ladies at HerCampus are all about.
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