Give Me A Break

Before I started college, I thought my spring breaks were going to be Miami-bound and Booze-filled. But, I’m now well into my third semester of college and there’s nothing I want to do more than be alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my friends on campus every day and I love learning. But, the routine of going to class and staying up all night rushing to do that last-minute assignment has gotten the best of me. I’ve put ‘me-time’ on the back burner and this past spring break I had nothing planned but to go through complete rejuvenation.

*cue Me, Myself & I by Beyonce*

Meditation is one of my favorite ways to get back in tune and refocus myself. I even do it in the comfort of my own bed using the app Insight Timer that has hundreds of guided meditations for all skill levels and needs. Mental clarity is exactly what’s needed after having your head cluttered with midterms.

Yoga goes hand in hand with mediation and gets you working physically too. If you’ve never done yoga, I highly suggest it as it helps with balance and introspection. Now don’t be intimidated by those yogi accounts on Instagram, Young Lotus. The practice of Yoga is all about you and your progression.


This spring break I also have plans to catch up on my favorite shows through Hulu like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I plan on getting some heavy, leisurely reading of some classics done this break too.

Making playlists on Apple Music and SoundCloud is as good as therapy for me. Set the tone for your spring break and make a compilation of the most soothing songs. My spring break playlist is dense with 2012 Lana Del Rey, SZA, Sade, Daniel Caesar and that new Frank Ocean


If you’re alone this spring break. Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Alone time is so important especially when your brain’s been in overdrive from work, school, and whatever else you’ve got going on. Take time this spring break to treat yourself. Take a 3-hour long bubble bath with your best smelling bath bomb, get the guac on your Chipotle bowl, sleep in past noon. Whatever you’ve been depriving yourself of so far this spring semester, use this week to indulge in it. Believe me, you’ve earned it.