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Geraldine Sanchez: Meet a USF Her Campus Member

Name: Geraldine Sanchez
Major: Psychology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Monterey, California

What is something a lot of people wouldn’t guess about you? “When people start getting to know me, they start to see how big of a sports and hockey fan I am. I’m not sure why most people are surprised at the hockey part though. Maybe it’s because my dedication to the sport is a bit abnormal. Seriously, if I could put on a pair of skates and have a career as a professional hockey player I would! Unfortunately, I will never be the next Howe or Rheaume—I’m not very smooth on the ice.”

If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would hands-down, absolutely love to do? “I absolutely love traveling! So, I would probably travel the world in my very own Millennium Falcon. Ok, maybe not a Millennium Falcon. But I would definitely love to travel for a year and explore different countries.”

What is your dream career and why? “My dream career would be to work for either a professional sports team or work for a popular magazine. For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved writing and sports entertainment so I know that I want my life to revolve around either one of those things. If I could somehow combine both then that would be a plus!”

How did USF stand out to you versus other schools you may have applied to? “I remember leaving an open house and thinking, ‘this is the school I want to study at!’ Everyone who spoke to me at the open house was so happy and proud to be there. It made me excited and motivated to apply. Some other schools I’ve visited in the past didn’t really have that positive vibe. I think it’s important to find a place that makes you feel at home every time you set foot in it.”

What was the biggest change you’ve experienced – positive or negative? How did it affect you? “The biggest change I’ve ever had to experience was when I moved from California to Florida. I had so many mixed feelings about moving. I was excited to have a change in scenery but I was also very scared because I was entering unknown territory. Emotionally I was a mess the first few weeks in Tampa! I didn’t know anyone and the city seemed so different to me. That all changed though after I started school and started meeting people. I even got back into writing and found plenty of writing opportunities here. So, I guess you can say I’m pretty happy with Florida at the moment.”

What is something you wish you would have done as an incoming freshman? “I would have taken it a lot more seriously than I did. Being around so many familiar faces made college seem like a continuation of high school. I still did well but struggled through most of freshman year because I was always trying to balance my social life with my school work. But, from that experience I’ve learned how to be organized.”

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