Finding Friendship Through Finals

Photos: Nisreen Atallah

After a stressful semester, my friends and I packed our bags and headed for the Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida to unwind before final exam week. Our weekend getaway made me realize how important having a support system can be.

The end of the year can be very emotional and stressful. I’m currently packing and preparing to move back home while trying to not fail any of my finals. On top of that, I am mentally preparing to leave my closest friends for three months.

My friend group has brought me mental stability through the roughest time of the semester. We often participate in girls’ nights where we watch romantic comedies, rant about our classes and put on DIY face masks.

During our latest girls’ night, we went around the room and said one thing we love about each other. This helped bring us even closer together and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Another way we like to unwind is by having paint nights. We buy canvases in bulk and paint together while listening to a good album. Recently, our favorite has been Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy.”

Every Tuesday is dedicated to a movie of choice at Studio Movie Grill near campus. Movies are $5 every day for USF students and on Tuesdays, they have $5 specials on some of their best menu items.

Once the weekend rolls around we like to take little adventures to new places. Some of our favorite destinations so far have been a relaxing resort in Walt Disney World, the Florida State Fair and the Dunedin Highland Games.

When our classes get more hectic and we don’t have time for a girls’ night or road trip, we do our homework together or have nap parties on the floor. Just knowing that the people closest to me in my life are going through the same thing provides a sense of comfort.

Freshman year of college brought many struggles, but having a group of friends that love and encourage me unconditionally has made it the most memorable year of my life. From almost failing a class to having to adjust to a new home, my girl gang has lifted my spirits and helped me keep a positive outlook.