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The Final Stretch: Surviving Finals

The last few weeks of the semester make everybody feel some type of way. You know, it’s that “Oh my gosh, finals are coming up, I’m so stressed out, I can’t wait until summer” kind of feeling. We’re all over it at this point and these last few weeks seem to last a lifetime. It’s the final stretch, and surviving it may not be easy but it’s not impossible either.  The simplest changes in your routine can make the biggest difference.

Clear mind is key

As the semester comes to a close, there are a million and one things running through your mind. Thinking about all the stuff you have to do makes you not want to do any of it. Instead of procrastinating and saving it until the last minute, start preparing early. It never hurts to get ahead. When you’re seven hours deep into an intense study session, it’s ok to get up and walk away from whatever you’re doing. When you have a clear mind, you’re able to focus better. Try going for a quick walk, talking on the phone to somebody, or even closing your eyes for a few minutes. When you go back to the miserable hours of studying, you’ll be reenergized and ready to go.

Organize, organize, organize

Summer is so close yet so far away. It’s that mile distance that could take 10 minutes by running or 30 minutes walking. Walking is going to take forever, but speeding up the process all depends on the tactic used. It’s important to plan and organize as much as possible to help get you through the last few weeks (faster), ESPECIALLY, finals week. If you haven’t done so already, start writing everything in a planner with due dates, exams, and presentations. It may seem tedious, but being able to see what’s coming up weeks in advance is setting you up for more success and less stress.

Healthy body, Healthy mind

I tend to eat the worst around the last weeks of the semester along with every other college student. I feel like I can’t give up an hour or two of studying to cook or exercise because I have too much going on. If you plan your day out, it’s definitely possible to eat right and exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym or cook a gourmet meal to do this. Instead, try an intense
30-minute workout that can be done right at home. This way, you don’t waste any time going to and from the gym, and your workout is just as efficient but shorter on time. Surviving the last few weeks of the semester is also dependent on the food you eat. The night before, have some snacks ready to get you through the day. Fruits, nuts, whole grains, eggs, greens, are all simple foods that give you brain fuel and do not require a lot of preparation time.  You’re saving time and your body all at once!

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