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Fashion Friday: Summer Looks For Fall Semester

Hello collegiettes™!

Even though summer break is over, summer weather in Florida is far from being gone! The beauty of going to college in the Sunshine State is that our summer wardrobe can be put to good use almost all year long. So even though you may not be hitting the beach nearly as much now that classes have resumed, that doesn’t mean you have to put the whole summer look behind!


Here are some ideas to keep the summer feel in your outfits going through fall semester:


1) Earthly tones. If you cannot hit the beach, bring the colors of it to your outfit! Shades of brown, beige and blue definitely have a beach feel that can help you think of the ocean breeze as you sit through a long lecture class.

2) Dresses. The beauty of dresses is that they can work in any type of weather. If it’s still hot outside, they are comfortable and you keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. If the breeze is a little chilly, wear leggings underneath and a cute jacket or coat on top. You can even make a simple summer dress look professional enough for a project presentation, for example.


3) Just add color! Don’t let the blues of boring classes and busy schedules keep you from enjoying colorful outfits. Even if you’re feeling too tired to dress up for class some days, adding a couple items in your look with bright colors like red, orange or green can definitely help you feel more energized for the day ahead!


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