FASHION FRIDAY: Modern Takes on Disney Princess Fashion

We all have our favorite Disney princesses. Whether you inspired by her strength and courage or her fabulous outfits, there is something about the classic Disney princesses that stays in the hearts of many women forever. Year after year, I've seen many fashion publications attempt to recreate the tried and true looks of our favorite royal ladies. Some stick to the originals and the others take a wild amount of creative license. Below is a collection of the best fashion photos which may not have intentionally been created as nods to Disney princesses, but definitely reminded me of the movies I watched repeatedly as a kid.



I think of Cinderella as such a classic princess. When stumbling across this image, I thought it was picture-perfect for her. The regal hair style and soft expression definitely reminded me of Cinderella. 



This photo was shot by Tim Walker and appeared in Vogue quite some time ago. The cracks in the wall remind me of Rapunzel's weathered and worn tower.I really love that this image is a unusual take on another classic princess.  Rather than have her let down her hair, she lets down the seemingly never-ending train on her fabulous gown. No climbing, please. 


This look is a little bit more wearable, but still manages to make a statement. The harem pants and bright shoes, definitely make this look a dead-ringer for Princess Jasmine. The swirling printed jacket reminds me of the scene where Aladdin and Jasmine have their romantic carpet ride over Agrabah.

Snow White

This photo is so Snow White, for pretty obvious reasons and is actually the image that inspired this post. This look is dramatic, yet-wearable and really evokes the film thematically, while not having any actual traces of Snow White's original look.


We all know and love Mulan for her strength, courage and integrity. Her androgynous look is totally emulated in this photo of models Du Juan and Philip Huang for Vogue China. The outfit uses  accessories and shoes to complete the look with small feminine touches.


Shot by Koray Birand, this look definitely reminds me of Ariel in a non-traditional way. It has no traces of  water or the beach and the dress isn't the obvious choice of a tailored, mermaid-style gown. The way it fans out and the way the model is posing, makes me think of the moment we all tried to recreate as kids in the pool-- Ariel's infamous hair flip as she holds herself up on a rock near the shore.


Which Disney Princess is your favorite? Which of the above is your favorite look? Tell us in the comments!


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