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Fashion Friday: Lipstick Advice From #PUMPRULES Katie Maloney

Collegiettes™, if you are just as obsessed with Vanderpump Rules as I am get ready to indulge in the next best thing since BRAVO.

Vanderpump Rules “Tequila Katie”, better known as Katie Maloney has her very own blog, Pucker and Pout

Immediately after finding this stunning gem I fell in love. Katie’s blog shares tips on topics such as hair, skin, fashion, and makeup, to only name a few. What I wanted to share with you this week was Katie’s article on “Spring Lip Shades Switch Up”. I felt like I came across this article at the perfect moment, as I just dropped a good amount of change at the MAC counter the other day on some pretty pink and purple shades of lipstick. Pucker and Pout features a whole article on spring lipstick shades. In her post, she actually mentions two of my personal favorite colors and brands; MAC in Lavender Whi & Mac In Candy Yum Yum.

There’s no such thing as too much lipstick!

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