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Collegiettes™, want to make your New Years Resolution more fun and fashion-forward?

One of the biggest motivators when working out is feeling comfortable with yourself, and this can be accomplished by feeling comfortable in the clothes that you wear. If your sweats and old tee shirts aren’t cutting it, try some of these fitness style trends to amp up your workout style on any fit girl’s budget.

Crazy Leggings

Stay warm during cool morning runs and stop chafing in the gym with running tights and workout leggings. Though many are available in plain black, these staples are available in a wide range of colors and patterns to match any color scheme.   

Target C9 Feather Print Leggings; Forever 21 Activewear Space Dye Leggings; Puma Pure Graphic 3/4 Running Tights; Target C9 Marbled Leggings

Statement Sneakers

Colorful kicks have been making room in workout wear collections, and are an easy way to incorporate fun colors into your workout wardrobe. Though athletic shoes come in a variety of prints and neons, don’t discount classic black and white neutrals: they’ll go with any outfit, expanding your options of tank and shorts color combos. However stylish, workout shoes must be functional and appropriate for the kind of exercise you do.  Luckily, there are tons of fun running, walking, and cross-training varieties.

NIKE Print shoes / Reebok shoes / Adidas athletic shoes / Under Armour shoes / NIKE Evening Shoes / Samsung Heart Jewelry / Adidas Adizero 2 Visor / Blender Bottle Sports Mixer Bottle Purple

Go Graphic

Incorporate graphic text into your workout routine with fun tees and tanks.  Make a statement at the gym or on the trails with sayings that range from movie quotes, inspirational, and humorous.

Look Human Tank; Target Graphic Tank; Etsy Workout Tee

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